Water Safety Plans Software

A cloud application to support Water Safety Planning

Online, secure and fully backed-up within the Oracle Cloud

Manage efficiently day-to-day business operations

Eliminate amount of administrative paperwork to ensure water safety

Improve efficiency by reducing time spent on audit preparations

Easy way to be compliant according to WHO Guidelines

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Main features

  • System Setup

    The WSP Software enables users to keep a record of all contributing individuals and their related functions and also document the necessary information associated with the water supply system.

  • Hazard Analysis

    By following our Hazard Analysis module users can easily conduct detailed hazard analysis and keep a record of the necessary control measures. A comprehensive risk assessment is integrated into the Hazard Analysis module.

  • Detailed Planning

    By using WSP Software users can track every element in the water supply system, the hazards related, the monitoring process, the frequency of this process, the person responsible, the corrective action and the verification process involved.

  • Flow Diagrams

    With our easy to use flow diagram tool, users will find creating the necessary diagrams an effortless process. Our illustrative view ensures high risk zones are clearly highlighted, allowing users to spot them immediately.

  • Verification

    Our built-in verification tool allows users to effortlessly verify the effectiveness of the Water Safety Plan and also ensure individual control measures continue to work effectively to protect water safety at key steps along the water supply chain.

  • Reporting

    With our dynamic report builder users can assemble on the fly customized or ad hoc reports and store them for future use. Also, there is an option to display, print or export reports in flexible formats.

The simple and easy way to implement and maintain robust Water Safety Plans according to WHO Guidelines